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Oh how my heart finds solace when Fatima is mentioned!

She is the daughter of the prophet, the chosen one ﷺ, our everlasting shining lights!

-A Beautiful Qasidah by Al-habib Umar bin Hafiz


Let us remember there is no ahlul bayt without Fatima. This is why the Habaa’ib place much emphasis on her as she is the one who is closest to the prophet ﷺ in blood and mannerisms. She was the first of the ahlul bayt to follow the prophet  to the barzakh. Allah chose to continue the prophet’s ﷺ progeny only through her. There is no mother, daughter and wife like Fatima.


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الحمد لله رب العالمين

وصلى الله على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه وسلم

On the 27th of Rajab, before the Migration to Madinah, the Prophet Muhammad peace and mercy be upon him was taken on a Night Journey and Heavenly Ascent (Al-Isra’ wa Al-Mi’raj). Below are excerpts…


On the Duty of Loving the Noble Family of The Prophet ﷺ


O Allah, make me better than what they think of me, and forgive me for what they do not know about me.


O Allah, make me better than what they think of me, and forgive me for what they do not know about me.

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It could take you months and even years on out to spiritually progress to the right path and just one tiny bump on that path can throw you off course and take you back to where you started. The struggle is picking yourself back up and having the courage to walk that long path back to guidance.

on traveling the path.

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Made with Paper

winter is [almost] here. (Taken with Instagram at Opanas / О’Панас)

#hamdillah `ala salamah al-wusul. #mawlid now streaming again live from #tarim. (Taken with Instagram)

ready for today’s dars, isA. #shafiifiqh #mukhtasarallatif #seekersguidance (Taken with Instagram at Wisma)

We know that they are not talking about our Prophet.
Sh. Bin Bayyah

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found a heartwarming note from a beautiful sister i met in kharabsheh, amman, summer of 2010. – View on Path.

the rest of the lot to be sent back to mom and dad’s in the far east. #uprooting #urbannomad #tcklife #books (Taken with Instagram at Wisma)

a selection of books i hope to have shipped to my next destination, isA. – View on Path.

whether it’s lounging by the pool in bali or sightseeing in tbilisi, these are my two favorite things i never leave home without. #khulasa #misbaha (Taken with Instagram)

can’t wait till classes start again. shafii fiqh students should check out for an excellent line-up this term. leading shafi’i scholar sh. amjad rashid (hA) is even teaching this time. see you in class, isA! (Taken with Instagram)